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This program teaches basic concepts of discipline, fair play, and personal safety in a setting full of fun and challenging activities. Emphasis is placed on reinforcing good habits for both exercise and behavior. The students are given a simplified understanding of Kenpo skills that they can build upon as they move through the program.

This program is intended to give a solid immersion in self-defense as contained in the American Kenpo style. Opportunities for mock combat through sparring are provided in a setting that stresses safety as the most important factor. While working on personal development, students will learn life values such as integrity, courage, discipline, and respect.

This program presents the American Institute of Kenpo’s complete system. Each rank level contains self-defense techniques, systematic sets and forms (katas), and routine drills for development of basic Kenpo skills. Opportunities for sparring are provided in a safe and controlled environment.


The American Institute of Kenpo is an organization dedicated to the development of character, confidence, physical well-being, and internal peace through the medium of the art of self-defense.

We are a professional Black Belt organization, which means we extend the invitation to each student to realize his or her own goal of achieving Black Belt Excellence.

We are committed to maintaining the integrity and legacy of American Kenpo under the counsel and guidance of Sigung Stephen LaBounty, Lee Wedlake, and AIK’s Master Council. We encourage each student to travel the path of self-discovery as he or she internalizes the principles of Kenpo.


At the Amercian Institute of Kenpo, you will learn some of the rich history of the martial arts as well as the modern application of American Kenpo Karate. We live in a remarkable time where the martial arts are no longer taught and practiced in secrecy by only being taught to select family clans or those of noble birthright. We each have the privilege and honor to study and practice our martial art openly and without persecution.

There are countless stories in which the masters of old would require students to prove themselves before they were given access to the highly valued martial arts techniques. The potential students would arrive before dawn and wait all day for an interview with the master - hoping to prove themselves worthy students. At dusk, a messenger was sent out to inform the prospective students that the master would not see them today; they would be invited to return the following day. This process continued until there was only one prospective student remaining; only then would the student be accepted into the academy. It is with this tradition in mind that the American Institute of Kenpo declares that Black Belt is only the beginning.

The only other means of access was to receive a personal invitation from an existing student who could attest to the character and discipline of the prospective student. And so it is withthe American Institute of Kenpo. We ask each of our students during the month of testing to give an invitation to likeminded individuals and afford them the opportunity to experience American Kenpo.

The highest honor and greatest respect that you can show your instructor is to compliment and refer this school to others.

The American Institute of Kenpo values your time and efforts. For each student referred that enrolls in our two month new student program you will receive a“Scholar / Warrior” wristband. When that referral continues their training and enrolls in our standard program you will receive $50 cash.

When referring your friends you can make use of the referral cards available at the front desk as well as our groupon special.

We commend you for the courage you showed by taking the first step in your training and look forward to the day when you stand beside us… An AIK Black Belt!


I've had the good fortune to become a mentor and friend to the members of this wonderful organization. When I first was introduced to the workings of this group, I half expected it to be much the same as many other organizations in inception and application. Almost all associations struggle from their very beginnings to create and maintain their "Mission Statement" and soon fall by the wayside for lack of follow through and interest to a changing martial community.

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But not so with the AIK. No, this group is truly a group of men and women who wish to not only learn an art of self-defense, but to excel in it and meet the rank of Black Belt in their journey. The Association Board and Master Council is dedicated to the same principle which is to help AIK members along the way by giving them a complete, strong and inviting way for students to realize these goals, and they've had many years to develop the curriculum to do so.

In March of 2012, I will celebrate my 50th adult year in American Kenpo Karate. I am very selective of who and what I give my testimonial to, and I do not take such a document lightly. So then, I say that I do give my support, teaching and guidance to the American Institute of Kenpo and am happy to do so.

May all of us grow and expand our knowledge of health, strength and safety through this most dedicated group.

Stephen LaBounty

9th Degree Black Belt

Student of American Kenpo Karate & the Martial Arts

July 21, 2011

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