Kenpo Kids Black Belts

This list of AIK Family & Friends Black Belts recognizes all who have been promoted by us since the formation of AIK in 2005 (highest rank achieved). If you attained your Black Belt directly under Mr. Knight or Mr. Pilch before AIK’s formation in 2005, (or you were omitted from our records by mistake) and you would like to have your rank recognized here, please email usat the following link so that we may honor your journey in Kenpo:Webmaster Thank you! - Oos!!!


These are our 4-6 year old students who have completed the requirements of the AIK Kenpo Kids Program. They have been taught the basic concepts of discipline, fair play, and personal safety in a setting of fun and challenging activities. Emphasis has been placed on reinforcing the good habits of exercise and behavior, as well as teaching awareness of "stranger danger" and basic emergency response such as knowing key names and phone numbers.

These students have been given a simplified understanding of Kenpo skills that they will build upon as they advance into the AIK Kenpo Junior Program. Two years of dedicated training (at this age) is an amazing achievement! We bow in respect to the parents and and we salute the achievements of our AIK Kenpo Kid Black Belts!

Kenpo Kid Black Belts

A.J. Patalsky

Aaron Morgan

Aidan Bolding

Alex Cayce

Alexander Langland

Alyssa Bell

Amanda Miller

Anchal Regmi

Anissa Aldecoa

Anna Davis

Anthony Dixon

Anthony Zamorano

Athena Leuvanos

Ava Lukavich

Ayah Elfaki

Avery Rudsinski

Bruce Deinst

Caden Pilch

Caitlin Tomczyk

Caleb Anderson

Caleb Rasor

Canberra Basham

Cassady Trostle

Christopher Morin

Cort Konrath

Connor Mann

Cruze Horn

Cylis Kreitlow

DaLon Florez

Destan Florez

Damion Morgen-Goetz

Daniel Lingafelter

David George

Devin Armstrong

Devyn Peck

Dillon Pierce

Dylan Crawford

Easton Ortner

Ellee Bider

Ethan Cullumber

Ethan Davis

Ethan Towndrow

Ethan Tomczyk

Evan Moody

Grace Mance

Gracie Greve

Grayson Goss

Haily Andrew

Hannah Romney

Hunter Morelan

J.D. Ortiz

Jack Bersbach

Jackson Covey

Jacob Arnold

Jacob Haynie

Jacqueline Tjia

Jake Atkinson

James Cryts

Jared Irwin

Jasleen Zamorano

Jaxon Campanile

Jet Dix

Joey Valoze

John Lukavich

Jolyon Burgos-DeStephanis

Jonas Crozier

Jordy Irwin

Joseph Marshall

Josie Wham

Jovian Villafane

JJ Burruel

Kai Pilch

Kean Nordbrock

Konrad Brayer

Kyle Rodriguez

Kylee Connors

LaManda Tasler

Landon Moris

Leif Terre

Leo Que

Lexi Taylor

Lily Mance

Lily Waid

Logan Lingafelter

Logan Tomczyk

Louis Knight

Luke Posey

Markie Beauchamp

Mary Scott

Micah DeHaan

Moises Nolasco

Morgan Schierloh

Nathan Decker

Nicholas Brenner

Nichole Chen

Patrick Sheeley

Piper Hammond

Pruedence Hammond

Rakeen Islam

Riley Riggs

Roman Sandoval

Ryan Dowden-Love

Ryan Patalsky

Ryan Vickroy

Santiago Racina

Savannah Crozier

Sean Dai

Slade Spencer

Tatum Elliott

Tommy Simmon

Trey Briggs

Trinity Pilch

Trinity Sheeley

Tristyn Olla

William Langland

William Moody

Wyatt Schierloh

Zachary Wallace

Zack Rogers

Zander Basham

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