The Artwork of Mr. Andrew Pilch

Mr. Andrew Pilch - The Graphic Artist

Most all of us are all VERY AWARE of Mr. Pilch's Kenpo, Kickboxing and MMA skills! However, not as well known are his computer programming and graphic artskill sets. He not only programs and maintains the software that runs our schools, he was also an apprentise of Ed Parker Jr. in the graphic arts for a decade!

His body of work has grown over the years (along with his skill) and Mr. Pilch is now offering custom portraits, as well as prints of some of his favorite artwork creations!


To view Mr. Pilch’s custom portrait gallery click here: MR. PILCH’S PORTRAIT GALLERY


LAWS of Bushido

Bushido is a Japanese term that represents the of code of the samurai warrior. Lee Sprague brought this into to our martial arts training and made it his life’s philosophy and the centerpiece of his teachings. To honor his wonderful lessons, we created AIK’s Scholar / Warrior Program to teach these values to all of our students (and to echo our great mentor).

To view the L.A.W.S. of BUSHIDO gallery click here: The L.A.W.S. of BUSHIDO GALLERY


Featured Artwork

The featured artwork of Mr. Pilch is a collection of some of his favorite artwork that is sure to provide endless motivation! You will find many of these prints hanging proudly in our schools and if you wish to add a copy to your home or workout area - now you can!

To view the Mr. Pilch’s Featured Artwork Gallery click here: FEATURED ARTWORK GALLERY

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